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Food Security: Vegetable Gardens

As a result of collaboration between Tashinga Initiative and Zambezi Elephant, I am thrilled to let readers know thatZambezi Elephant Fundhas donated towards the re-establishment of three vegetable gardens at Mkanga, Chewore South, Kapirinhengu, Chewore North Safari Area and ZAVARU, Mana Pools National Park.   

We have planted our seedlings at all three gardens now, and have a look at Kapirinhengu’s garden under the care of Mr Tembo Snr.  At Mkanga though Dominic is dealing with very salty water for his new crop and so we are putting our Plan B into action to address this issue!   

At the outset we had to attend to water sources, water reticulation, repair of the electric fencing, the energizers, before we could prepare the garden itself replenishing the soils with compost and fertilizers. All of that was well achieved, including the help of Rangers, who had cleared the gardens of long grass and weeds prior to our arrival on site.    

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