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Food Security: Vegetable Gardens

Food security has been provided to Zambezi Valley Rangers through the re-establishment and management of fresh vegetable gardens at the remote Zimparks Mkanga Field Station in Chewore South Safari Area, at Kapirinhengu Field Station, Chewore North Safari Area, and at ZAVARU, the Zambezi Valley Reaction Unit in Mana Pools National Park. 

The produce provides Rangers with a source of vital vitamins and minerals whilst on anti-poaching patrols, as well as the families of Rangers who are living on the stations. As well, the strong linkages of good Ranger health to patrol efficacy are highlighted. Soil preparation, refurbishments to the electric fencing, planting, and biologicals spraying of seedlings in all three gardens takes place after ensuring that the solar-powered water supplies are in good order.  

Trained Gardeners tend the gardens each day at Mkanga and at Kapirinhengu, and at ZAVARU, the off-duty Rapid Response Unit Rangers have a roster system to undertake the gardening.  We ask and trust caring donors to proactively respond to this call for ongoing funding.

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