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Antipoaching & Riverine Operations: Zambezi Valley

Tashinga Initiative has provided boat fuel for ongoing Zambezi River patrolling during the year, and the all-vital ongoing servicing and maintenance for both Pelican hulled boats, “Tashinga” and “Tunzva” and their 60hp engines.     

Zambezi River Patrols are of vital importance to the security and protection of Zambezi Valley Protected Areas.  Boat patrol units operate in this remote northern border sector of Zimbabwe between Sapi G Camp and Kanyemba in the east, and are vital for the ongoing security of our precious wildlife areas.    

The conditions of the river are usually dangerous, with many hippo, crocodiles,and indeed sandbanks with very shallow waters.   Boating through the Mupata Gorge presents other challenges such as very high winds, and sharp rocks hidden just below the surface of the water.  

Refresher training for Ranger Coxswains and other antipoaching related training for Rangers is well needed each year.  

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