Our Projects

Our projects are implemented in the field with a high degree of efficiency and efficacy, bringing true value to the donor, and to the benefit of wildlife protection.

Take a tour of a few of our projects.

Anti Poaching


As a result of a collective fundraising efforts for Rangers, and collaboration between #TashingaInitiativeTrust, #WildlifeRangerChallenge, #GameRangersAssociationofAfrica, #RangerProtect, #Zimparks and #CMSafaris #DandeAntipoachingUnit, 344 field personnel working in wildlife protected areas in 2024 are once

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Solar: Energy & Water

Solar: Energy & Water

Tashinga Initiative was thrilled to be able to implement an 8kva solar energy project at Chewore North’s Kapirinhengu Field Station.  This is now fully functional,

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Food Security

Food Security: Patrol Rations

Food hampers for Rangers patrolling the Protected Areas of the Lower Zambezi Valley:   Funds raised through the fantastic Wildlife Ranger Challenge since 2020 have made it

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Enabling Environment

Ranger Patrol Equipment

Field patrol equipment, such as boots, good tough backpacks, 2-man tents, socks, portable solar gear, rechargeable torches, GPS’s, Blackview cell phones, all make up the

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Tashinga Initiative depends on your donations to protect wildlife and wildlife communities.

The Tashinga Initiative