About the Tashinga Initiative

Our fundraising is currently focussed on Rangers’ enabling environment
to promote patrol and wildlife monitoring efficacy
Where your money goes
We depend on your donations to protect wildlife and to support and empower parks rangers and local communities.

Tashinga Initiative raises funds globally and urgently seeks further donations to support conservation efforts in 12,300 sq km of ZimParks’ contiguous Protected Areas of the Lower Zambezi Valley, part of the 13% land set aside under formal protection in Zimbabwe. These collectively include UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites, a Biosphere Reserve, and two TransFrontier Conservation Areas.

Founder and Executive Director Lynne Taylor, having gained a deep understanding of the challenges and needs of these areas, together with her consultant team, carefully implements donor-funded projects to achieve the optimal results against clearly defined budgets and a high level of accountability.

Tashinga Initiative’s Head Office is based in Harare, and the Trust is audited annually.


Tashinga Initiative depends on your donations to protect wildlife and wildlife communities.

The Tashinga Initiative