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Wildlife Ranger Challenge 2024


We have launched our fundraising for WRC2024 in order to prepare 9 x 4-man Ranger Patrol Units!  8 of these teams are ZimParks Rangers from Mid-Zambezi Region and 1 team is DAPU, CMSafaris very own antipoaching unit.   This is our highest number of Ranger teams EVER that have volunteered to participate – very exciting to receive this level of commitment from Rangers already with full patrol schedules for the year.  

We are so excited to have received donation commitments from repeat donors from 2023!  These donations will go towards the purchase of new rugged backpacks, t-shirts, caps, training shorts and Bova boots for each Ranger who will be participating and needing to carry 22kg for the 21km Wildlife Ranger Challenge marathon!

Please JOIN OUR EFFORTS! We really need further support to ensure that Rangers are equipped to participate, fulfil all the WRC2024 regulations and importantly, to inspire Rangers to fundraise for Rangers across Africa.

Write to and phone +263 772348671 – we look forward to hearing from you.

“Thank you very much Lynne for all the encouragement and support you have always rendered to our staff before, during and after the Ranger Challenge.

We will always pledge our commitment and cooperation with your Organisation and all the Organisers. Once again, many thanks and congratulations on taking us this far.”
Felix Chimeramombe
ZimParks Senior Regional Manager,
Mid-Zambezi Region Zimbabwe

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