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VHF Radio Communications

Tashinga Initiative has worked since 2011 in partnership with ZimParks in the provision and maintenance of VHF Radio Communications systems in its Middle and Lower Zambezi Valley, as well as having established key VHF radio repeater sites on mountain and hilltops at Tundazi, Aerial Hill Kariba, Chemakunguwa, Hurungwe, and Chirambakadoma, Chewore.

ZimParks is currently in the process of upgrading its radio communications systems to a digital platform. Some equipment has already been installed. The digitalisation process brings enhanced capacity and efficiency to all systems. It is an absolute must to the safety and efficacy of Rangers in the field.  Radio communications are vital for anti-poaching operations in the vastness of the contiguous wildlife protected areas of the Zambezi River hinterland, stretching from Middle Zambezi through to the Mozambique border.

The budget and program roll-out are fully developed. We, therefore, seek your specific attention and kind support for further donations for this project in the Lower Zambezi Valley.

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