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Solar Power: Water & Energy

30 Remotely based Rangers and their families at Mkanga Ranger Post in Zimbabwe’s Chewore Protected Area have just spent 3.5 months struggling for access to water after a solar-powered borehole water pump failed. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and restrictions, there were significant delays in responding to this request to Tashinga Initiative for support.  We were delighted when generous donors responded to our fundraising efforts and those of our UK partner Conservation Zambezi.

A brand new solar water pumping installation with enhanced technology was installed in early June 2020 restoring the water pumping system. These Rangers are our front-line of defense towards continued protection of endangered and critically endangered species such as Elephant, Lion, Pangolin, and Leopard. Tashinga Initiative is fundraising for further necessary modifications to this solar-powered water installation, ensuring sound results for each donated dollar.

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