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Solar Power: Water & Energy

Solar-powered water pumping systems have been installed and upgraded by Tashinga Initiative in the interests of bringing the Ranger’s enabling environment up to standard and for his safety against attack from crocodiles in the case of those systems drawing water from the Zambezi River itself. Solar water pumping installations with enhanced technology have also been installed and or maintained at various Ranger field stations through the Lower Zambezi Valley, restoring the provision of water. Two wildlife water points in the hinterland of Chewore have been repaired and will be maintained by Tashinga Initiative.

The Mid-Zambezi Rangers are the nation’s front-line of defence towards continued protection of endangered and critically endangered species such as Elephant, Lion, Pangolin, and Leopard. Tashinga Initiative is fundraising for ongoing necessary upgrades/modifications and maintenance for these solar-powered water installations, ensuring sound results for each donated dollar.

The photos show work undertaken in 2021, notably the work undertaken on a riverbed well providing beautiful potable water to the ZAVARU antipoaching base in Mana Pools National Park, as well at Red Cliffs Ranger Outpost.

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