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As a result of a collective fundraising efforts for Rangers, and collaboration between #TashingaInitiativeTrust, #WildlifeRangerChallenge, #GameRangersAssociationofAfrica, #RangerProtect, #Zimparks and #CMSafaris#DandeAntipoachingUnit, 344 field personnel working in wildlife protected areas in 2024 are once again proud members of #GRAA and benefit from GRAA’s partnership with #SATIB and #RangerProtect for 2024. 
Tashinga Initiative and its membership with GRAA, has been able to support Zimparks Rangers with #RangerProtect since 2018. 
“Rangers operate in extreme environments, and in their efforts to protect our natural heritage, face the risks associated with dangerous wild animals, sickness, community backlash, and the increasing threat of armed poachers and militia groups. Over 1000 rangers have lost their lives in the line of duty in the past 10 years. Working in the African bush is not for the faint-hearted. 
Protected areas in Africa with species such as rhino and elephant have become war zones where armed contacts with poachers are a frequent occurrence. Rangers work uninterrupted for long periods under these harsh conditions with little reward or recognition. The difficult and often dangerous working conditions of rangers impacts on their morale. Apart from their own welfare, rangers also seek to have their families supported, should an unfortunate event occur.” 


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