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Ranger Training: Specialist Riverine & Tracking

Tashinga Initiative Trust has implemented Specialist Tracking antipoaching Training courses since 2011, for Rangers in Middle and Lower Zambezi Valley since that time. The highly experienced Trainers accredited by ZPWMA have delivered courses for Parks Rangers to be qualified at Basic, Intermediate and Advanced Level in Specialist Tracking and other skills associated with antipoaching. Added to this range of courses, Tashinga Initiative delivered a Riverine Antipoaching Operations Course for Chewore North Rangers through the services of Trainer Paul Wilson.

Rangers respond very positively to these courses, and the skills gained have already been vital tools in anti-poaching operations. Many Rangers are based on extremely remote bases, where access is usually very challenging. Each Ranger faces the dense bush of the Zambezi Valley in all patrols year-round, and this antipoaching training provides skills so vital to his task.

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