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Ranger Riverine Antipoaching and Training

Tashinga Initiative continues its fundraising efforts to keep 2 boats based out of Kapirinhengu, Chewore North. These are 2 pelican boats named “Tashinga” and “Tunzva”. Both require servicing every 100 hours as well as engine parts replacements, boat trailer insurances and upkeep, and refuelling.  Tashinga Initiative has also provided thousands of litres of boat fuel to support the anti-poaching effort by Chewore North’s rangers on Zimbabwe’s northern border with Zambia and Mozambique.

Rangers patrol between Sapi’s G Camp on the Zambezi River downstream as far as Kanyemba on the border with Mozambique. The waters are dangerous with both shallows and sandbanks as well as the very deep Mupata Gorge with rocks. The navigation requires skilled and attentive coxswainship.

Refresher training for Rangers undertaking Riverine Training is overdue.  Please help us keep Rangers safe with current training and practices on safe riverine patrolling! 

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