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Ranger Patrol Equipment

Field patrol equipment, such as boots, good tough backpacks, 2-man tents, socks, portable solar gear, rechargeable torches, GPS’s, Blackview cell phones, all make up the kit that is needed by Ranger patrol units that traverse the thick bush of the Zambezi Valley regularly each and every day and month of the year.   

In a super partnership between Jim Green Footwear, Game Rangers Association of Africa and Tashinga Initiative, we have been able to facilitate the delivery of 303 pairs of Jim Green Boots, largely Ranger Patrol Boots AR8 to the Rangers and field personnel of the Mid-Zambezi Region! We have placed our orders for further boots orders, extending our reach to Tashinga’s previous area of implementation, the Sebungwe Region. Distances covered are huge, the last deliveries and a solar project implementation trip was just under 2,000km.       

Thick Zambezi jesse bush, and harsh rocky conditions underfoot mean that these items need regular replacing and to this end,Tashinga Initiative seeks ongoing funding to meet these requirements.  

However, top of our list right now are backpacks!   

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