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Ranger Community Space: Chewore North

Rangers based at Kapirinhengu now have a TV installation with DSTV channels to enjoy in any off-time they may have between their patrols in the rugged mountains and rivers of Chewore North. Small refurbishments were undertaken to a space in an existing dwelling at Kapirinhengu, making it structurally safer and brightened up with a few coats of paint. Solar power was installed on-site within a security fenced installation, and a solar inverter and components were installed inside the new community space. The provision of power, lighting and a form of entertainment is a natural morale booster for these remotely based Rangers. As one team member wrote: “Everyone here is smiling. We have been watching soccer – people are pleased!”.

Thanks to the CITES MIKES project, funded by the European Union for this valuable support to the morale of Rangers, risking their lives to protect Zimbabwe’s wildlife. The annual DSTV subscription falls due in August 2020 and Tashinga Initiative seeks donations to continue this support to this Ranger team.

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