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Ranger Community: Children

Other field stations have been asking for children’s playgrounds as enjoyed by the children living at Mkanga Field Station and to this end, Tashinga Initiative currently seeks funding. 

Living in the wilds is sometimes tough for young children, away from school facilities and young friends, being aware that it is dangerous to go wandering off due to the presence of wildlife. 

Little did donor Glenn Vincent and contributing friends know that in 2020, the children’s’ playground and netball field that they donated to the remote Chewore South Mkanga Ranger field station would be used 24/7 during COVID-19 Lockdown period.

Tashinga Initiative team led by Catmore Gidion manufactured the entire set of equipment and we transported it carefully to site, doing the last parts of the assembly on station. Then in true good spirit, the first persons to test the equipment were those who manufactured it, and it was found to be true. Much enjoyment has evolved since that day for the ranger community children. 

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