Our Projects

Our projects are implemented in the field with a high degree of efficiency and efficacy bringing true value to the donor, and to the benefit of wildlife protection.

Take a tour of some of our projects.

Solar & Water

Solar Power: Water & Energy

During 2021 and 2022, ongoing solar water pump maintenance has been and is being diligently carried out by Tashinga Initiative team, providing invaluable support to

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Wildlife Ranger Challenge 2020

Teams spanning the African continent united to compete in a 21km half-marathon carrying their 22kg backpack plus patrol equipment, building camaraderie, and raising awareness of

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Ranger Community Children

Ranger Community: Children

Little did donor Glenn Vincent and contributing friends know that in 2020, the children’s’ playground and netball field that they donated to the remote Chewore

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VHF & VSAT Communications​

VHF Radio Communications

Tashinga Initiative has worked since 2011 in partnership with ZimParks in the provision and maintenance of VHF Radio Communications systems in its Middle and Lower

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Tashinga Initiative depends on your donations to protect wildlife and wildlife communities.