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Food Security: Ranger Vegetable Gardens

Food security is being provided to Rangers through the re-establishment and management of a 2020 fresh vegetable garden at the remote Zimparks Mkanga Field Station in Chewore  Wildlife Protected Area. This project was funded by Diwa Zambezi, as well as private donors from Canada and the USA. Outstanding vegetable garden projects are at Mana Pools National Park, Chewore North, and Sapi.

The produce provides Rangers with a source of vital vitamins and minerals whilst on anti-poaching patrols as well to the families of Rangers who are living on the station. As well, the strong linkages of good Ranger health to patrol efficacy are highlighted. Soil preparation, some refurbishments to the electric fencing, planting, and biologicals spraying of seedlings in this garden took place immediately at the time that the solar-powered water supply was restored recently. Trained Gardener Dominic tends the garden each day and has just received updated training on the use of biological soil and pest controls. COVID-19 pandemic and a lack of funding have set back the annual re-establishment of vegetable gardens in the Lower Zambezi Valley. However, because of the vital role that these vegetable gardens play in the holistic approach to wildlife protection adopted by Tashinga Initiative Trust, we ask and trust donors to proactively respond to this call for ongoing funding.

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