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Enabling Environment: Ranger Patrol Equipment

Field equipment for Rangers forms part of the necessary enabling environment which in turn supports the efficacy of Rangers living and patrolling in the protected areas of the Lower Zambezi Valley. As a result of the 2020 Wildlife Ranger Challenge, Tashinga Initiative has been able to provide 120 backpacks and 240 pairs of boots to LZV Rangers. These have been delivered to the relevant ranger stations during 2021.

Thick Zambezi jesse bush, and harsh rocky conditions underfoot mean that these items need regular replacements and to this end, Tashinga Initiative seeks ongoing funding to meet these requirements.

Also provided have been 10 Blackview devices for use by Rangers and  SMART Cybertracker managers, as well as for the STRAVA tracking app.

COVID fall-out from loss of tourism has had a very serious effect on national budgets and there is no doubt that there is currently a very heavy dependency upon philanthropic contributions towards the per sq km costs of protecting wildlife areas.


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