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Charara’s Shoreline Litter Clean Up


In the north-easternmost corner of Lake Kariba commenced in late April 2019. The project was undertaken in partnership with the donor and stakeholder Padenga Holdings. With our field team being led by Catmore Gidion, we marked out 200m wide transects of the shoreline from bush or treeline to the shoreline and walked the transects on foot picking up tons of litter in the process. The litter was collected into bags, weighed, and loaded onto a trailer, then taken back to a central refused disposal depot.  In total, 52,160m was traversed, collecting 2,239kg of refuse in total.  

The principal reason for this project and future projects of this nature is to save wildlife living in Charara Wildlife Protected Area from ingesting litter which eventually leads to death, and vitally, to clean up the environment.

This project is also in keeping with a worldwide effort to clean up Planet Earth. There is no doubt that projects of this nature should be repeated throughout the year, along with education for and encouragement provided to the local communities about the importance of NO LITTER.

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