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Anti Poaching Operations: Zambezi Valley

Support has been provided to Chewore North Riverine Antipoaching efforts as well to the ZARSAU Boat Unit, (D Camp) much further upstream (Hurungwe).  This has been in the form of petrol for patrol boats, maintenance of 2 boats, engine servicing and spares.  The provision of monthly foodhampers for Rangers across the Lower Zambezi Valley has played an important part in motivated regular patrolling and the antipoaching effort,  as well as for food security for Ranger families.

We established an Antipoaching Control Room in Chewore South and North.  Wall-mounted 58” TV screens were fitted to support the compilation of field data into the ZPWMA SMART databases required by CITES, as well as being tools for fully operational control centres.

Both Kapirinhengu Ranger Station and Mkanga Field HQ play a vital law enforcement role on Zimbabwe’s remote northern Zambezi River border and in the far eastern sector of the Lower Zambezi Valley. With support from a few determined stakeholders and other law enforcement agencies, Zimparks Rangers patrol extraordinarily rugged and steep terrain through the Chewore Mountains, inside the Mupata Gorge, the scarps of the inner Chewore, and the Zambezi escarpment mountains, all of which fall into the Lower Zambezi Valley’s protected area system.

Elephant poaching has been very successfully reduced over the last few years through dedicated patrolling.  However, poaching of wildlife for bushmeat, and for fish is ongoing and Zimparks working with stakeholders and partners puts in massive effort to combat this scourge.

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