About the
Tashinga Initiative

The Tashinga Initiative Trust works in partnership with
Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority.

The Tashinga Initiative (TI) raises funds for wildlife protection from the global community, implements results-based projects informed by planning and budgets, with the expectation that each intervention is one step closer to the return of biodiversity to the area concerned. 


Currently we focus our efforts specifically in the Middle and Lower Zambezi Valley’s Protected Areas, part of the 13% land set aside under formal protection in Zimbabwe. These collectively include UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites, Biosphere Reserves and two Trans Frontier Conservation Areas, Kavango Zambezi in the north-west, and Mana Pools Lower Zambezi in the north-east.

TI is Harare based, with hands-on field implementation in the targeted protected area.  The Trust has been audited by PWC, Deloittes, European Union, and GC Auditors, Zimbabwe.

The Tashinga Initiative

We depend on your donations to protect wildlife and to support and empower parks rangers and local communities.

Where your money goes

Ranger Training in Antipoaching

Ranger Training in antipoaching, riverine antipoaching, tracking, 4x4 driving, boat coxswain and spatial monitoring and reporting tool (SMART) remains at the top of Tashinga Initiative’s list when it comes to highly impactful cornerstone interventions in the arena of the wildlife protection effort. The benefits reach way beyond just the training and the long-lasting impact that the trained Ranger has on the environment is invaluable.

Ranger Antipoaching Operations Centres & Outposts

Critical infrastructure is provided towards an effective and efficient antipoaching operational environment, thus ensuring enhanced patrol effort and capacity for management during operations. Furthermore, having these operations centres and outposts fully equipped imbues a great sense of pride to both managers and patrolling rangers. Maintenance of these buildings is essential.

Solar Power For Water Pumping & Energy

Once the Rangers’ enabling environment is in place, the work ethic takes off in a positive direction: solar power installations are established to provide water pumping and energy for lighting, charging of radios, cellphones, computers, SMART TV screens for effective management of field data. Maintenance of all installations is essential.

VHF & IP Communications

The Rangers’ ability to communicate when he is out on patrol in the bush is essential. With generally inadequate cellular connectivity through the Middle and Lower Zambezi Valley VHF (very high frequency) radio communications play a vital part in the day-to-day operations and antipoaching effort against wildlife – elephant, pangolin, lion and wood poachers. A current digitalisation programme is underway but lacks funding support. Maintenance of base stations, repeater links atop high mountains, and mobile units is essential.

Infrastructure Rehabilitation

Not all infrastructure needs to be newly established, as there is often scope for refurbishment of existing ZimParks buildings. Tashinga Initiative carries out these tasks in partnered discussions with Zimparks and if it deems the project financially viable.

Support Towards the Deployment of Ranger Patrols

The provision of vehicles and boats, and the training that goes with such provisions, is of overwhelming importance. This requires not just the funding of the vehicle or boat, but a package for accessories, fuels, maintenance, repairs and driver/coxswain training.

Ranger Child Facilities

Tashinga Initiative understands that children growing up in the wilds of the Zambezi Valley often aspire to become Rangers and conservation leaders, just like their parents. The provision of playground equipment, balls and playground kit is a vital part of their sometimes challenging sojourn in the bush, away from their usual urban school environment.

Ranger Community Well-Being

Rangers, like anyone else, need downtime inbetween patrols, during which Rangers face serious threats from encounters with wildlife and with armed poachers. To this end Tashinga Initiative promotes the support for a Ranger Community Space, with TV and viewing subscription. At the same time he learns the value of his own work pitted against the international news and sport that he might watch.

Food Security Through Vegetable Gardens

Having access to a supply of fresh vegetables is an absolutely vital aspect for a Ranger Community’s well-being as well as Rangers being able to carry fresh vegetables on their patrols. In a world of COVID-19, Rangers face yet another threat to their well-being and that is coming into contact with poachers who may be local or foreign. The status of each Rangers’ health is more important than ever before to ensure adequate and balanced nutrition.


Tashinga Initiative depends on your donations to protect wildlife and wildlife communities.