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Wildlife Ranger Challenge 2024

Tashinga Initiative has brought the Pan-African Wildlife Ranger Challenge #ForWildlifeRangers to the Rangers of the Mid-Zambezi Wildlife Protected Areas Region since 2020! We bring your attention to the tough and determined work that Wildlife Rangers undertake to protect the wildlife and wildlife experiences that YOU and your families so enjoy!

Through Wildlife Ranger Challenge, Rangers are fundraising for themselves to better and improve their well-being and enabling environment.

Tashinga Initiative depends on your donations to protect Zambezi Valley's Protected Areas, wildlife and wildlife communities.

The Tashinga Initiative raises funds for wildlife protection from the global community, implements results-based projects informed by planning and budgets, with the expectation that each intervention will secure wildlife and wildlife habitats.

The Zambezi Valley’s Protected Areas form part of the 13% land formally protected in Zimbabwe. These collectively include UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites, Biosphere Reserves and two Trans Frontier Conservation Areas.

Abundant wildlife lives in the biodiverse and carbon-rich protected areas in Zimbabwe’s Mid-Zambezi Region, patrolled by wildlife Rangers who are on the frontlines of conservation. These areas face unprecedented challenges and threats as a result of climate change, socio-economic crises, illegal and unsustainable poaching of wildlife and harvesting of natural resources. Well-funded conservation interventions will bring long-term security to wildlife, through maintaining ecosystem balances, preserving important habitats, building resilience to climate change, and conserving natural resources.


Maintaining Wildlife Habitats

Towards securing and maintaining wildlife habitats and wildlife in the Mid-Zambezi Valley’s Protected Areas 12,282 sq km.

Supporting Environment

Supporting the enabling environment, empowering Rangers, enhancing patrol efficacy and promoting results-based park management.

Maintaining Conservation Interventions

Contributing towards climate change actions through responsible, stratetic and maintained conservation interventions in Zambezi’s Protected Areas.

Donor Collaboration

Collaborating with our globally based donors and conservation partners delivers applicable, robust and scalable results.

Our Projects

Our projects are implemented in the field with a high degree of efficiency and efficacy bringing true value to the donor and to the benefit of wildlife protection.

You are invited to support our work.

The Tashinga Initiative